Monday, September 03, 2007

You've a Heck of a Profile, Brownie

My friend and writer, Pagan Kennedy, has an essay, "A Space for Us," in this Sunday's New Times Book Review. She talk about her experiences on MySpace where she has been interacting with readers of her books in new ways.

I was amongst a group of her friends to whom she sent an amusing message about another networking website, LinkedIn, where I keep a profile.

In an email titled "Brownie, you've got a heck of a LinkedIn profile," Pagan wrote:

Hey friends who are on LinkedIn:

After spending way too much time procrastinating on the new "Myspace for suits," I made a fascinating discovery. Michael "You've Done a Heck of a Job," Brown has put his profile up on LinkedIn! Apparently he's looking for a heck of a new job. If you type "Michael Brown" into the LinkedIn search engine, you'll find him about four entries down. He lists himself as "Former Director of FEMA"!!! No shame!!!

So I asked him to be my LinkedIN friend. I will be really, truly, completely thrilled if I can one day boast Brownie as one of my contacts.

Out of curiosity, I did ask Michael Brown to be one of my LinkedIn contacts. To my surprise, an email quickly popped up in my inbox announcing that Brownie had indeed agreed to be my friend.

I don't know if this is the real Michael Brown. Certainly Facebook and MySpace are full of profiles claiming to be that of David Beckham, William Shakespeare, Willie Wonka, and Saint John the Baptist. However, LinkedIn is a professional networking site with, I expect, a certain degree of policing of accounts to weed out the pranksters. It's public if you do want to check out Michael Brown's profile.

I think I may well indeed be a friend of Brownie.




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