Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cowboys Will Break Your Heart

This year Ann and I hosted our first Oscars party.

Even though I only sent out an evite on Friday morning, fifteen people turned up on Sunday night. Turnout is good when you invite nearly 400 of your very closest friends.

Some people even dressed up. That earned them between one to three points depending on the level of their elegance and bling. They won additional points for each Oscar winner they correctly predicted.

My strategy for guessing the Oscar winners was to bet heavily on gay cowboys, paraplegics, penguins, and a certain claymation dog.

I also bet against King Kong in the view that, after Lord of the Rings, the Academy would not favor Peter Jackson so heavily again.

Sadly for me, "Crash" upstaged "Brokeback Mountain" and King Kong took away a couple of technical prizes. At least Grommit came through for me.

I remain verklempt that "Crash" won, of all things, "Best Screenplay" for its awfully contrived script. There is no God.

Nevertheless John Stewart was fun and our friends were excellent company. I'm sure we'll host another party next year.


Blogger thankgodforpbr said...

Hey man,

I completely agree re: Crash and its terrible script. If I thought that the scriptwriters were literary genuises, I might be willing to venture the opinion that it was contrived and trite purposefully, to point out to us how often racism in the US is the same three or four presumptions, one for every race, every time. Except... its not, and these writers aren't literary geniuses. I almost puked during the "I'm going to call my mom and tell her I'm banging a mexican" scene. What subtelty! He's cool enough to have sex with a brown girl, and he's rascist at the same time. How confused and conflicted I am! Someone call Vanna, I need to buy a vowel... O, O, OH MY GOD!

Anyway, to sum up, I hate that movie, and I hate the fact it won an Oscar. Its a sad day when this film gets acclaimed as the best that even assanine Hollywood can come up with and its heralded as an "independent" (now that that word has lost all its meaning...) and revolutionary. Blech!!

Stef of Texas (and Burma work association)

11:31 PM  

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