Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Win Some, Lose Some

Yesterday, I took a vacation day and helped Claire Naughton get out the vote in her race to become a Massachusetts state representative.

I learned about the race from my good friend, Dan Cohen, who served as Claire's campaign advisor and strategist. When Dan tells me that a local candidate has a good chance to win, I give money and I often fundraise too.

In this race, I gave the maximum: $500. Then I used Evite to send a call for volunteers and money to over a thousand of my friends, colleagues, contacts and even people I met one time at a party. I estimate I raised a couple of thousand dollars.

Despite winning narrowly in Norton and Mansfield, Claire Naughton came up short in Foxboro. Overall, she narrowly lost the election to the Republican by 55% to 45%.

She was by far the best candidate and she fought an excellent uphill race in conservative Republican territory. I have no regrets and I have told her that I will continue to support her if she runs in the general elections for the State House in November. She has a future as a progressive Democratic leader in Massachusetts.

I'm certain that the time and money that I and others spent on this campaign was not wasted. Although it wasn't enough to win this race, we have helped to further build the progressive Democratic movement in Massachusetts. We will win the next race wherever that is. Maybe it will be the Deval Patrick campaign for Governor.

But I have to say that the Massachusetts Democratic Party completely blew it with the Claire Naughton race. With additional money and volunteers from the state party, Claire would have taken this previously Republican seat. But the state Democratic party did virtually nothing.

Shame on them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re state level democratic parties, i have heard that this is a common problem in other states. a friend of mine is running for congress in Arizona (Paine for Congress), and the democratic party has been virtually invisible. They have very heavy fundraising requirements that have acted as barriers to entry. Its a shame that the party that bears the name of the very process that we purport to engage in every year is so un-democratic.

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