Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Blast From The Past

I was just ego-surfing and I found my old friend, Pete Birks, explaining on his Livejournal - Everything Has A Limit - why he utterly failed to find me at a restaurant in London over Christmas.

Loping around his LJ reminded me of when I used to read his zine, Greatest Hits. It's too full of poker stories for my taste. However Pete is the still the master of the self-deprecating vignette. This piece below for instance had me in fits.

"I'm developing my theory that a blog is (at least for me, and probably for quite a few others), a kind of "imaginary friend" for grown-ups. Men, in particular, can't emote with other men, mainly because other men get very uncomfortable when it happens. Women can emote with other women and, sometimes, men can emote with other women, although if the man is heterosexual there are always complex undertones that never quite go away. But a blog, well, you can emote to your blog just like you can do it to your psychiatrist. On the minus side, the whole world gets to know about it. On the plus side, it's a lot cheaper."


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