Monday, October 03, 2005

Sleepless in Seattle

It's about 10.45pm Pacific time as I wait in Seattle for my flight to Chicago.

I'm en route from a mining reform conference in Spokane. To save Oxfam America some money on my air tickets, I'm taking three planes to and from Spokane. Connecting via Seattle and Chicago is a bit of a pain; I could not even find any wifi connection at O'Hare airport.

On my trip from Boston, I devoured Neil Gaiman's new book, "Anansi Boys." It made quite entertaining reading on my three-plane trek. However it did lack the epic feel and artfully concluded plot twists of "American Gods."

Meanwhile the new Gaiman-scripted film, MirrorMask, scored an excellent review in - of all places - the latest Entertainment Weekly. Maybe Ann and I will check it out after church next Sunday.


Blogger jellyhead said...

Hi Simon from far away in Australia. I found your blog via the fact that you, too, listed Lantana as a favourite movie of yours (obscure connection, but I was just mucking around, having a look at other blogs). I've only just started writing a blog... not sure how long I will manage to keep it up, but thought it might keep the creative juices going (which tend to dry up, let's face it, as we get older, more mortgaged, more rat-raced!)

Over here, MirrorMask hasn't arrived yet .. hope it was good if you went to see it.

Best wishes,

7:45 AM  

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