Sunday, March 27, 2005

Wedding Update

Ann has really taken to blogging. If you click over to our wedding blog, you'll find the fruits of her hard work.

It's only about five weeks to go but we feel both calm and excited. We're calm because we've already made most of the arrangements for our wedding and honeymoon. We're excited because we're designed the event to be fun for everyone including ourselves.

As for the cost of the wedding, we're calm about that too. We had originally thought that we could keep the costs low. That was a naive underestimate. The price is now pushing three times our original estimate.

We've been through all the stages of grief. At first we were shocked and in denial. Then we became angry at the obsessively consumerist expectations of weddings in today's American culture. Then we bargained with our vendors and brought some of the price down. We've now accepted the cost and just plan to enjoy ourselves.

Five more weeks to go!


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