Wednesday, March 16, 2005

So Close But...

Tim Schofield ending up losing by only 65 votes.

On election day I left a doctor's appointment at 7pm and called Dan Cohen, Tim's campaign strategist. "Is there anything I can do at the campaign headquarters?" I asked.

"How quickly can you get here?"

"Ten minutes."

"Fine. I'll put you on the phones."

I spent the last hour calling previously IDed supporters and urging them to the polls by 8pm. I left many phone messages. I reached a few people who had been called several times throughout the day and who immediately answered the phone: "Are you calling from the Schofield campaign."

About ten minutes before the polls closed, I finally reached a woman who had just returned from work. I urged her to go down to the polling station straight away. I explained: "As long as you line up before 8pm, you will be able to vote."

With that conversation I like to think I turned out at least one more vote for Tim.

Later at the post-campaign party at the Kells, Tim Schofield made an impressive concession speech and endorsed Mike Moran, the winner of the primary. I had fun hanging out with several of my progressive activist friends. But, of course, it would have been better if we had won.


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