Monday, March 14, 2005

More Wedding Prep

Halfway through my haircut this lunchtime, I dropped a bomb on my barber. I said: "I'm getting married in seven weeks so this may be my wedding haircut." He laughed. I added: "Maybe I should have told you that before you started."

The haircut looks just fine. It's my usual short and business-like cut.

Over the weekend Ann and I hand addressed our invitation envelopes. Today I chased up a few friends' home addresses. Ann even picked up pretty stamps. It's quite satisfying to drop the invitations into the mailbox.

Ann labored hard on Sunday over the wedding blog. After a little more editing tonight, the site will go live with all the important wedding information.

Once we've finally nailed down the key vendors (photographer, band, jeweller) with contracts, we will feel more comfortable about the whole ceremony. I think we've managed to keep the work under control so we can enjoy the process. We seem to be on track to have the fun wedding we want.


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