Saturday, March 12, 2005

Latchkey Dogs: A Nation's Shame

NPR just ran a story on a music CD for dogs. It sounded hideous. Over a fast beat I heard a peppy voice repeatedly chirping "Good boy!" Squeaky toy noises were also involved.

Before you torture your neighbors by leaving the CD on repeat all day, you have to listen to it for several nights with your dog so they associate the songs with you. I could not be paid enough to do that.

This is the latest in pet pampering products to take advantage of Americans' guilt in leaving their "furbabies" at home all day. You don't have to dress up your pets as little people. These days you can even find talking dog toys, puppy pedicures and doggy day care.

I'm all in favor of people taking good care of their pets. I often dote over dogs I meet on the street. But this trend smacks of undue anthropomorphism. They are not people, they are dogs.

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