Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Boston College MBA in Ethics?

I've always been supportive of my alma mater, the Boston College Graduate School of Business. But I'm particularly impressed by the business school's new dean, Andrew Boynton.

Today's Boston Globe carries the story that the new dean plans to build on the school's "Jesuit values" with the goal of instilling students with "the motivation and compassion to serve others."

Apart from being the right thing to do, this concentration in ethics will most likely help Boston College's b-school stand out in relation to its local peers. For instance, Harvard stresses corporate leadership while MIT focuses on business and technology.

Way back in 1991, I actually picked Boston College over Harvard, MIT and the other local schools for my MBA. My reason for choosing BC was its grounding in ethics. I pointed this out in my application essay and it helped earn me a full scholarship from the school. To this day I always help BC MBA graduates with career advice in return for my free tuition.

The BC MBA program did not disappoint me. I had professors who used cases to show how the stock market was inefficient. I wrote term essays on environmental accounting. I was part of a group project whose client was the Fenway Community Development Corporation, which developed affordable housing. Overall it was good preparation for my career in corporate accountability.

Under Dean Boynton, the school should become even better.


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