Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My Curry Valentine

Although I'm a Christmas curmudgeon, I enjoy buying gifts and cards for Valentine's Day. It's less a family religious holiday than an appreciation of one's loved ones. Plus I'm fortunate to currently have a valentine whom I deeply love.

Last year was our first Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, I was at the United Students for Fair Trade conference at UC Santa Cruz at the time. I cancelled my hotel reservation at the last minute so that I could stay on campus. Unfortunately I didn't tell Ann of the change so I didn't receive the flowers that she sent to the hotel.

This year Ann successfully sent me red roses to work, while I gave her a card and big box of Burdick's chocolates. In the evening we ate a special Valentine's Day menu at Tamarind Bay, a new Indian restaurant in Harvard Square.

Roses, chocolate and curry. Even a holiday curmudgeon like me could love that.

Ann reminds me that:

1. The title of this entry - "My Curry Valentine" - was her idea.

2. For the second year, I wasn't around to receive her gifts of roses. I neglected to tell her that I worked from home on Valentine's Day. But I found the box in my office the next day.

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