Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Stray Thoughts on the RNC

The Bush twins must be closet Democrats. That would explain why they continually embarrass their father in public. It would also be the reason why they lamely smirked and giggled as they introduced their parents in primetime.

The contrast between the sloppy Bush spawn and the composed Kerry daughters is stark. Barbara Bush (junior) gave us the line: "We had a hamster but, let's just say, he didn't make it." You'd have to be pickled or high to find that even remotely funny.

As for Zell Miller, as he stuck his knife in the back of John Kerry, he stated: "I'll die a Democrat." Why wait, Zell?

I'm having a few friends over tomorrow for a "Mock Dubya's Acceptance Speech" get-together. One friend thought this was a particularly good idea because she didn't want to have to watch the speech without support from friends. We will have a "pants-on-fire" Bush doll to spank and plenty of leftover wine to drink.

I'm sure this is what my conservative friends think I do every day. Why disappoint people?


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