Friday, September 03, 2004

Gov. Jeb Bush Urges Democrats to Flee Florida

"Go to 'Safe States' to Avoid Hurricane " Urges Governor

AB News: Today, Governor Jeb Bush urged an unusual evacuation of sections of Florida in advance of Hurricane Frances hitting the state.

Bush specifically urged "the poor, minorities, single women - you know - the vulnerable" to leave Florida and head for what he termed "safe states."

Questioned by an AB reporter as to what he meant by "safe states," the governor replied: "I'm thinking of Vermont, Massachusetts and New York: states where these fleeing Democrats can mix with their own kind and not upset the electoral coll.... Um. I mean, not strain social services."

Governor Bush recommends that these voters leave Florida immediately for their safety. "Leave now. Don't wait to pack unnecessary items such as books, stereos and absentee ballots," advised the governor.

"I'll tell you when it is safe for you to return," stated the governor. "Hurricane season normally drops off some time after the first week of November," he added.

© AB: Associated Bull News 2004. All Rights Reserved.

Gov. Jeb Bush: "Believe me. For your own safety, stay out of Florida for a few months."


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