Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Today I Turned 40

Today I turned 40 and I feel good about it.

Ten years ago, I felt good about hitting 30. At that time, I was married and gainfully employed in a "perfect" job that made a difference in the world. I even owned a condo. Life was good and I could not complain.

What I didn't realize in August 1994 was that I was in the midst of my first serious stress at work. Over the years, that turned into rolling bouts of burn-out. This exacerbated my neglect of my marriage and my life. I responded by further neglecting my friends and family and burrowing deeper into workaholism.

By 1998, I had left my marriage and sold my condo. By 2001, it proved to be time to leave my previously "perfect" job. I had lost everything that I thought gave me such satisfaction at 30.

Now I turn 40 very happy in my new job at Oxfam and my new relationship with Ann. In so many ways, my work and my love are much better for me now. Now I just have to find that perfect condo again.

But, more importantly, I'm not just happy with the changes in my life; I also feel grounded in my ability to handle life's inevitable changes.

Over the past ten years, my life has been at its rockiest but also its most satisfying. It's not what I predicted at 30. But I've grown in ways I would have never expected.

Here's to the next ten years. May they be eventful!


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