Monday, August 30, 2004

Another Year, Another Birthday Party

Here are a few observations from my 40th birthday party.

In ten years there has been considerable turnover in my friends. Dan Kimmel was probably the only person at my 40th who had attended my 30th birthday party.

As I've changed my life, I've made new friends. I originally met Dan by dint of the fact that he went to college with the husband of my ex-wife's college roommate. By contrast, I met my new friends primarily through my new job (Oxfam America), my new church (Arlington Street Church), and my volunteer work with Amnesty International, CPPAX, and the US Campaign for Burma.

This party we finally disposed of our excess beer. Even when we host a potluck, we worry that we will run out of food or drink. So we make several dishes and pick a few beers. Then, of course, our friends bring many dishes and a wide selection of drinks. This time we were restrained at the liquor store but our friends drank us dry anyway. We now only have a couple of stray beers left in our fridge. However we still have too much wine.

I also had to dispose of my birthday cake. The cake Ann bought included chocolate cake stuffed with chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate fudge. We had an extra piece the next day but there was no way we could keep it in the house. So I brought it to work today and let my colleagues finish it off.

I'm looking forward to my next party. I'm blessed to know interesting people so it's fun to entertain. Therefore I'm holding another party on Thursday. We're going to eat pizza, drink left-over red wine, and mock Dubya's acceptance speech.


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