Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Update on Political Predictions

With Kerry picking Edwards as his running mate today, my predictions of Edwards' bright political future seem to be bearing fruit.

Admittedly, back on April 9th of last year, I predicted that Dean would fade and Edwards would go on to win the nomination and beat Bush. Dean faded later than I thought and Edwards didn't catch fire sufficiently to overcome Kerry for the nomination.

I will go back on the record with the prediction that Edwards will shine on the campaign trail. If Kerry loses this year - or for re-election in 2008 - I predict that Edwards will win the subsequent race for the Democratic nomination, even over Hillary Clinton.

This is not a good choice for supporters of a Clinton restoration. I wonder if Kerry is signaling a rebuke and establishing a political block to Bill and Hillary with his pick of Edwards.

But I'll leave that speculation to the professional pundits.


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