Monday, July 26, 2004

Drinking From a Firehose

I missed my opportunity yesterday to confront Peter Camejo directly.

I spent the weekend at the Boston Social Forum. Ann and I were energized by this affiliate of the World Social Forum and inheritor of the progressive energy poured into the Arianna Huffington-inspired 2000 Shadow Conventions.

With dozens of workshops running concurrently throughout the weekend, deciding how to spend each minute was an exercise in acute triage. I skipped questioning Camejo over the Egan contribution so that I could attend a workshop on progressive movement in South Asia. Ann and I missed the Sunday morning events because we'd stayed late at the BSF benefit at the Middle East to watch Foundation, Reagan Babies, and Billy Bragg.

All the events surrounding the Democratic National Convention pose similar hard choices for us. While Ann is volunteering for the DNC this week, I'm trying to do a full week's work. I was invited to a lunchtime "Salute to America's Veterans" with James Carville, former Senator Max Cleland and Wesley Clark. However, I'm skipping it in favor of attending my fortnightly Oxfam America coffee campaign meeting.

And tonight, since I'm out of underwear, we're just doing our laundry.


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