Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Democratic National Convention: Day One 

Yesterday was uneventful for me.

Unlike the green and orange lines that pass by the Fleet Center, the red line is unaffected by the convention security.  Consequently, I was able to travel from Davis to Park Street without problem. If anything, fewer people took the red line yesterday so even the trains were less packed.

On the streets around Park Street, I could easily pick out convention-goers by the plastic ID's slung around their necks. A few protesters and hucksters are milling around Boston Common. As I type, several Falun Gong supporters in bright yellow t-shirts have set up billboards along the Common and Tremont Street. Yesterday, I found a hilarious and absurd Lyndon La Rouche booklet stuffed into the window of a Boston Phoenix box on West Street.

Overall, where I work and live in Boston and Somerville, the DNC is not adversely affecting me.  I'm enjoying the hoopla and media focus on Boston. I just wish a political convention came here every year.


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