Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Bush-Cheney Sloganator

I lifted the text below, with only minor edits, from an email circulating in progressive circles. Please only click this if you're a Kerry supporter.  I don't want to hear any complaints about it from my conservative friends.

A couple of months ago, the official Bush-Cheney campaign website featured a "create your own banner" tool, where you could enter your own slogan and print out your own poster, with the Bush-Cheney logo, and a note at the bottom "paid for by Bush-Cheney '04, Inc."

Democrats, of course, couldn't get enough of this. The original sloganator accepted everything, then it started censoring profanity and words like "Hitler," "dictator," and "evil." Nevertheless, many clever folks exploited the sloganator to their own ends before its sad demise only a couple of weeks after its birth, and its mourners assembled some of the best for the slide show.

The link below is best enjoyed with the sound on:

Yes, click this


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