Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Regardez S'il Vous Plait

Judging by a few emails and comments, some of my Republican friends are becoming tired of my continual Bush-bashing.

They probably not should read the following piece that I shamelessly lifted wholesale from this site.

Text begins:

This is a clothing label from a small American company that sells their product in France.

Here's the translation of the French part of the label.

Wash with warm water.
Use mild soap.
Dry flat.
Do not use bleach.
Do not dry in the dryer.
Do not iron.
We are sorry that our president is an idiot.
We did not vote for him.

Text ends.

I did a little research. (Read: I googled "We are sorry that our president is an idiot" and found several links.) Apparently the label is real and the picture of it is propagating virally via blogs and the news media, including an AP story.

On the website of Tom Bihn, the company that produced the so-labelled item, there is a statement that explains: "This all began as an inside joke aimed (we think) at the president of our company, Tom Bihn. Many people have concluded the care label refers to other presidents - what can we say?"

However, on the same webpage, the company uses the buzz around the item to encourage sales. "Supplies are limited. Be controversial. Place your order today," exhorts the company.

Naturally, the Urbans Legends website has already covered the web buzz with its own story and analysis.


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