Monday, May 17, 2004

Witnessing History

The last two days have found me and Ann smiling and teary-eyed.

At Arlington Street Church yesterday, we joined my elated congregation in celebrating the advent of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. Two members of my church, David Wilson and Robert Compton, were plaintiffs in the lawsuit that led to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court legalizing same-sex marriage. At the end of a service punctuated by hugs and cheers, they invited everyone in the congregation to their marriage the next day.

Today at lunchtime I scurried across Boston Common to catch the end of the wedding. I arrived in time to join the crowd applauding David and Robert as they disappeared amid cheers, flung rice and flash-bulbs into their awaiting limousine.

From Arlington Street Church I felt compelled to walk over to Boston City Hall Plaza. There a crowd cheered the couples emerging from City Hall. A spontaneous conga line whooped and sang amidst the crowd of supporters.

Ann and I have been scrolling through the pictures of happy couples on the web. It's fascinating to witness a moment in history as it unfolds in our own community. It gives me hope for the future.

My minister, Rev. Kim Crawford Harvie marrying David Wilson, left, and Robert Compton, courtesy of the Associated Press.


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