Friday, May 28, 2004

Unexpected Vacation

I had a business meeting planned in The Hague for June.

What a great opportunity, we thought, for Ann to join me on the trip. My airfare and accomodation in The Hague was already courtesy of Oxfam. We could spend some extra days in Amsterdam before and after the meeting. So we booked an extra ticket for Ann and bought a guide to the Netherlands.

Ten days before we are due to leave, the meeting is cancelled.

After gnashing our teeth, we realized that I could simply reimburse Oxfam for my ticket and make a vacation of the full week.

It took me a moment before I dimly remembered that my last full week off was last July. It's definitely time I took a vacation.

So I intend to simply enjoy the Netherlands with Ann. I also pledge not to check my email constantly and to read fiction on the long flight back.

I leave in a few hours.


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