Thursday, May 06, 2004


May is the month of first anniversaries for me and Ann.

Although I first asked Ann out on a date in early April last year, we didn't have our first date until May 1st. That evening we wandered around the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston before having dinner at Sol Azteca, a nearby Mexican restaurant.

The rest of the month was quite packed.

Saturday, May 3, I invited Ann to "Wake Up The Earth," the funky and crunchy neighborhood festival in Jamaica Plain where I snapped the below picture of her.

On May 7 I invited Ann to my place for red wine and my homemade vegetarian chili. The next day I felt suitably inspired to take down my old web personal.

For the rest of the month we were pretty much inseparable. We enjoyed events ranging from a Kevin So concert at Club Passim (May 9) to the Buffy series finale (May 20). We even spent the entire rainy Memorial Day weekend (May 24-26) together at my place.

By May 31 I had made my first appearance as "the boyfriend" at Ann's lab's cook-out.

It was definitely one of the better months of my life.

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