Monday, February 23, 2004

Dear Friends of Burma

Several months ago most of the staff and supporters of the Free Burma Coalition left to form the U.S. Campaign for Burma (USCB). I became one of the first board members of the new organization. However, it was only today that I started a concerted effort to ask everyone on my Burma email lists to join.

I'm impressed with how, in just a few months, the staff and members of the U.S. Campaign for Burma have pulled together a vibrant new grassroots organization. We are already lobbying, educating and raising money for the cause of democracy and human rights in Burma. We will even hold our first conference on March 27th at George Washington University in Washington DC.

Another first is that we will shortly hold an election for the board of the USCB. This is a vital exercise in accountability that the Free Burma Coalition never achieved since its founding in 1996. As advocates for democracy in Burma, it is important that we practice democracy in our organizations.

So join the USCB today and participate in the upcoming board election!


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