Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Why I Like My New State Representative

Davis Square in Somerville has long been regarded as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the greater Boston area. Ann and I particularly enjoy the varied restaurants, the independent cinema, and the two independent coffee shops.

There's a sense of humor to Davis Square that exhibits itself in a street sign written in canine, strange sculptures along the bike path, and the weird statues in the square.

Our state representative, Pat Jehlen, is also quite a wit. I wrote to her in support of same-sex marriage. Here's part of her following reply:

Dear Simon,

Thank you for writing in support of same-sex marriage and the Supreme Judicial Court decision. I have heard from more people in support of this position than any other in my 13 years as a representative. I have also received more opposition e-mails from out of state than on any other topic, with the possible exception of the regulation of ephedra.

Since, as a non-citizen I don't have a vote, I think I'll just send her a contribution instead.


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