Sunday, January 25, 2004


I normally leave my Sunday church service enlightened and uplifted. Today I left also very unusually relaxed.

For once I wasn't rushing anywhere. It just struck me as I descended the church steps to Arlington Street: "I don't have to do anything now." I didn't realise how much I have so missed - and needed - some unstructured time.

So I picked up a few items at the Harvest Food Co-op and returned home to escape the bitter cold. Now Dan Bern is on the CD player, Ann is in easy hugging distance, and the apartment smells of hearty potato and leek soup. Life is good.

Clearing up my email inbox, I've discovered that my old friend Cheryl Morgan now blogs under the title: Cheryl's Mewsings. This is in addition to her regular Science Fiction webzine, Emerald City, where she writes interesting reviews of books that I will likely never read. (For me, it's just the SF equivalent of the Times Review of Books.) I'm not sure where she finds time to work or relax.

Oh well, there's another interesting distraction in my life.


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