Wednesday, November 19, 2003

More Congratulations

Today congratulations are due to Julie Goodridge. Julie, her partner Hillary, and several other same-sex couples just scored a major victory when the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in their favor in a prominent gay marriage case. (Julie is on the far left in the picture below.)

I first met Julie back in 1990 when she taught a Learning Alliance seminar on socially responsible investment. The seminar was one of my first attempts to learn and network in the field. I've continued to bump into her professionally since then.

I have been a big supporter of same-sex marriage. Just over to years ago I held one of the first house parties to raise money for the campaign to defeat the attempt to amend the Massachusetts state constitution to eliminate any form of rights for same-sex couples.

I even suggested bumper stickers for fellow divorced straight supporters of gay marriage:

Support Gay Marriage: Share the Pain
Support Gay Marriage: Misery Loves Company

Straight folk like me have trashed marriage quite thoroughly on our own. Perhaps gay and lesbian couples can improve the neighborhood?


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