Friday, October 17, 2003

Opiate of the Masses

I keep a candy jar at work for my colleagues. Today I put some Baby Ruth bars in it. Strangely enough, they are not all that popular. One co-worker actually grimaced when I pointed them out.

My colleague, Liam, is in mourning. On the door of his office is a black notice. Inside his office the lights are off.

I generally disdain sport. It's the opiate of the masses and a deviation from the revolutionary struggle. How do we expect to change anything in this country when people pour so much time and money into these bread and circuses?

I am proud of my ignorance of sports. I had lived in Boston for five years before I visited the Fleet Center and that was to see REM in concert. At the Fleet Center I had to ask my friends what teams played there. When I was told it was the Bruins and the Celtics, I had to follow up with the question: "What sport do they play?"

When I see a celebrity spokesperson on a TV ad that I don't recognize at all, it's a sports player.

Despite my views, Boston's obsession with sports does finally wear me down. I have attended one Super Bowl party. (That was the year the Patriots won.) I did periodically check up on the Red Sox last night. I was even pleased when they were leading the game.

I also even emailed Ann in Phnom Penh when the Sox were leading 3-0. After they lost, I sent her a postscript.

Just don't tell anyone else I cared. I have a sports curmudgeon reputation to uphold.


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