Tuesday, October 28, 2003

It's All in the Timing

Googley-eyed in-love that I am, I feel the need to escort Ann to and from the airport. I like to see her off with a hug and bon voyage. I love to sweetly smooch her upon her return.

This Sunday saw me skip church in the morning to frantically wash the dishes and stack the newspapers before heading off to Logan airport. It had been three weeks since I saw Ann. Just before I had I returned from a week in Britain, Ann had zipped off for two weeks in Cambodia and Thailand.

I checked Northwest Airlines periodically throughout the day. I was psyched to be able to follow her flight from Tokyo to Boston via Detroit in real time. I learned that the plane had arrived in Detroit a few minutes late. So I left the apartment to meet Ann at baggage claim around 3.30pm.

Ann had not called me from Detroit as we had planned. That worried me a bit. Then I just put it out of my mind.

At Logan I waited impatiently as the passengers trickled down and thronged the baggage claim. There was no sign of Ann. I followed the line of people all the way to the exit of arrivals. Still no sign of Ann. By the time I returned and circled baggage claim, everyone had picked up their luggage. I checked but Ann's case wasn't still spinning around.

That's when I rechecked the schedule. Defying common sense, I convinced myself that, since Ann had left Bangkok that same Sunday, she must arrive in Boston in Monday due to the time difference. Reassuringly deluded, I left Logan airport.

On the way back, I dawdled in Borders bookstore for an hour. Arriving back in David Square, I narrowly decided against eating out and returned home.

Walking down the block, I noticed lights on in our apartment. I bounded up the stairs to find - much to my surprise and pleasure - Ann.

It turned out that Ann's plane from Bangkok had arrived late in Tokyo. Northwest had put Ann on a later plane arriving in Boston around 5pm. Missing me at baggage claim, Ann had just taken a taxi home. She arrived just before me and before she had had to worry where I was.

The lesson of this experience is to underline to me - once again - you save time when you fly east.


My temporal difficulties continue to extend to this blog. I now have two entries that refuse to line up in date order. I must confess that it may be due to me playing around with the posting dates using a new Blogger feature. I may have to explore the "FAQ for the date-impaired" to fix it.


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