Thursday, October 09, 2003

All Bad News - All The Time

I awoke to the beaming face of Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger in much the same way as I awake on the eve of painful surgery. It's inevitable and unpleasant but you just plan to make the best of it.

I was encouraged by the post-election posting by Jon Voss in Pollworker. Under the pleasant title of "Arnold Loses," Jon describes the landslide victory of Cruz Bustamante in his heavily Latino district of The Mission in San Francisco. He concludes with an optimistic musing on the progressive energy in his community.

I remain convinced that the voter unrest in California actually bodes badly for Bush. Facing the same lousy economy and budget deficits as former Governor Davis, Bush is vulnerable to the same upheaval at the polls. The Democrats just have to be as savvy in picking a popular candidate.

The other bad news is that Ann flies to Cambodia this Friday. Although I return to America on Sunday, I won't see her for another two weeks. Woe is me.


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