Saturday, September 27, 2003

Vegging Out

I should stay away from chat boards.

I learned recently from a chat board that the BBC will be reviving the series Dr. Who. An article on the BBC website confirmed this - hopefully good - news.

Why am I only hopeful? Because the last few seasons of Dr. Who sucked. Poor acting and abysmal scripts combined with the show's usual low budget to produce stories that I found both bewildering and boring.

I longed for the classic stories, hilarious dialogue and compelling acting of the Pertwee and Baker years. I first enjoyed those shows as a child growing up in Britain. Then I enjoyed them a second time as repeats on American PBS stations.

Dr. Who still draws me. Having discovered the BBC's website through the article, I spent most of my Saturday geeking out by reading old episode listings. I even watched the web-recreation of Shada, a classic missing story.

I need to go out more.


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