Thursday, September 25, 2003

One Benefit of the California Recall Election

My friend and former co-worker, Jon Voss, has obtained a (very) temporary job as an election worker for the California recall election. He's even started a blog, Pollworker, to chronicle his experiences.

Jon writes:

"As cynical as I am about the whole voting thing, I'm starting to feel like I have some ownership of this process. Weird. But I am, afterall, an Election Officer now. I just wish I could get a uniform. Or at least an orange helmet and vest like I think you get when you become an Earthquake Marshall, or whatever it's called. I think I'll do that next. I never knew you could have so many rewarding civic duties when you're unemployed and not patriotically contributing to the economic growth engine of america."

Jon includes in his blog the picture below. It appears to be of a ballot being inserted into some kind of equipment. I can't tell for sure what it does. It looks to me like a paper shredder.

Don't they use those for ballots only in Florida?


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