Sunday, July 06, 2003

Good Riddance Day

Here's my prescription for a relaxing afternoon. Curl up with your sweetheart on a bench at the Edenbridge Bowling Club. Enjoy the mild summer weather. Listen to the click of the balls as they collide and jostle for position. Then return to your parents house across the street for your mother's home-cooked dinner.

Ann and I are in Britain for two weeks. I've always wanted to take the redeye flight to London with my sweetheart asleep in my arms.

We arrived at Heathrow early on Friday morning just in time to sample the fabulous July 4th celebrations Britain holds every year. The British call it Good Riddance Day.

We just hung out with my parents this weekend. We walked the Kentish Weald and we visited Winston Churchill's old estate at Chartwell. Relaxation is key since I've not taken any real time off since Christmas.

Tomorrow we head up to the Cotswolds where I will attend the alumni reunion of the Prince of Wales Environment Program. It's a gathering of government, business and NGO leaders hosted annually by Prince Charles at his Highgrove estate.

We will be staying near Highgrove at the Hare & Hounds. It was our second choice of hotel. Just for the name alone, we had wanted to stay at the Snooty Fox.

But when we booked, it was full.

Next entry: my handshake with Prince Charles....


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