Friday, June 13, 2003

A Fan Writes

As we walked into the Verona Downs gig at P.A.'s in Somerville last night, the band was about to play. My friend Rebecca looked up from her bass and said "Hello, Simon" before launching into the first song.

I have to admit that was quite cool.

My companions, Ann and her friend Dena, were impressed with their first encounter with the band. Ann remarked that the song "Blue Noon" reminded her of the Pixies. It is a pounding pop song with beautifully crafted guitars and bass. I'm now sufficiently intrigued to pull out the Pixies' albums that I own but have failed to hear.

The turnout at the gig was quite sparse. The band deserve much better. However, I selfishly enjoy being able to avoid a crush when I see a band I like.

Nevertheless that won't stop me from urging my friends to check them out the next time they play.


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