Tuesday, May 20, 2003


What blogs and chat boards do you read?

I follow only a few. Life is short and it is not to be lived solely in front of the computer screen. Here are a few sites that interest me.

Pool is the only chat board that I currently care to frequent. It was set up by Karawynn Long who also maintains a personal website, an email journal and a blog. She certainly keeps busy. Her web design skills, writing ability and unrelenting honesty make Karawynn's work quite fascinating.

Pool to me is like Boston; it's big enough to be interesting but small enough to be manageable. There's quite a community spirit amongst the posters. People provide others advice and assistance. A group of us even met up in the Boston-area and found to our pleasure that our on-line discussions translate smoothly to face-to-face conversation.

Paws for thought is brought to you by an old friend of mine, Carol. She publishes links to some of the oddest corners of the web. Back at Loughborough University in 1983, she also introduced me to my future ex-wife. I don't hold that against her.

Allura Ellington produces a website where she spins off impressionistic musings embedded in a smart, professional design. Rove around and enjoy.

Another blog that grabs me is that of Stacey George. I came across Stacey last fall. Her blog is full of well-rendered slices of life delivered with a keen wit.

She recently cut back on her writing because she's dating someone. It's a problem that can affect us all.


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