Monday, April 28, 2003

Roll Up! Roll Up! Place Yer Bets!

Yesterday, I made a $25 bet with Rick Roth of the famous Amnesty Group 133.

I weigh 222 pounds as of this morning. Rick weighs in at 214. We intend to race each other to 200 pounds.

If I make it to 200 pounds first, Rick donates $25 to the Free Burma Coalition. If Rick wins, I give my $25 to Amnesty Group 133.

You heard that right; we're going to channel our testosterone-fueled competitive instincts into losing weight. Call it the "Human Rights Fighting Fit Challenge."

Rick and I also discussed the possibility of side bets from third parties.

Would you like to put money on me beating Rick? If so, send me an email. If I win, you keep your money. If I lose, you donate that bet to Amnesty Group 133.

On the other hand, if you think there's no way a fat slob like me will ever beat Rick, put your money on him. Although If Ricks loses, you donate your money to the Free Burma Coalition.

So roll up and place your bets! It's all for the cause of human rights.

On a related note, does anyone know of a good gym in the Park Street area? I suddenly feel the urge to take up weight training.

In addition, here's a picture of me below with my soon to be retired big gut.

This picture shows me and RB Korbet, of Verona Downs fame, in which we appear to be enjoying a drink outside on the deck of an apartment in Noe Valley, San Francisco, probably some time in the early 1990s judging by the retro clothes.

It was actually taken last Friday at TT The Bear's after the Verona Downs' gig. Thanks to Robin for the picture!


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