Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Radio Radio

Earlier this evening, I was a guest on "Radio With a View" on WMBR. Hosted by Dave Goodman and Marc Stern, the show features music and keen progressive political discussion.

I was on the show to talk about shareholder advocacy in general and Oxfam's action at the Kraft AGM, in particular. I was joined by the ever able Tracey Rembert of the Shareholder Action Network, a project of the Social Investment Forum and Co-op America.

Typically, when I do live radio, I enter a strange almost Zen-like calm. Time slows down. So do my thoughts. For once the speed of my speech matches the speed of my mind. I speak slowly and clearly with what my ex-wife used to call my "BBC Accent," a slightly more British version of my usual mid-Atlantic brogue. That always has a certain audience-appeal when I'm doing a NPR show.

This time on WMBR, it was livelier. I bounced off the energy of Tracey and my hosts. We had what I hope was a stimulating discussion of activism and corporate accountability that helped move others to action.

I stupidly drank a soda during the show. I'm so glad I avoided burping into the microphone on air.

Dave Goodman included highly appropriate music throughout the show. The music included:

"The Company's Been Good To Me" - Dana Lyons of Cows With Guns fame

"Over My Dead Body" from an album by Jim Page.

(The lyrics to this song ran: "They say they will incorporate the world. Over my dead body. Over my dead body. Over my dead body.")

Plus a song by Ed Sanders of the Fugs urging impeachment of George W. Bush that you can find on Protest Records.

Then, having done struck my blow for the revolution, I returned home and watched the latest Buffy.


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