Sunday, April 06, 2003

Exhausted, Leaving Conference Zone

I'm about the leave the "conference zone."

A strange thing occurs whenever I'm at a conference. I lose track of time and the outside world in general. I'm enclosed in a conference bubble with its own people, community, and rules. It's an alternate reality. It's not until I reach home that I feel that I have left "the zone."

I just did my usual rabble-rousing speech as panelist talking on the subject of "Imagine Justice: Corporate Approaches the AI Way." I was there to urge Amnesty International members to support our shareholder resolution at ExxonMobil. All the members present seemed enthusiastic to take action. Several asked very pertinent and useful questions about Amnesty International USA's work on corporations. It was a good morning's work.

Of course, as of this moment, I am missing church. A friend of mine just called me on my cellphone as I was typing this entry.

"Why are you answering your cellphone in church?" she asked surprised.

"I'm not in church; I'm in Pittsburgh," I replied.

I fly back to Boston tonight.


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