Friday, April 18, 2003


On this great day, the eighteenth day of April in the two thousand and third year of someone else's lord, I did the following things.

I actually scared myself watching Buffy in the wee hours of this morning. In the pitch black, sometime past midnight last night, I watched my tape of this week's episode. I only caught up with Buffy the Vampire Slayer over the summer when I celebrated my unemployment by watching the entire back history in reruns on FX. Although I'm new, I already care about the characters. Watching one of my favorite characters have his eye suddenly gouged out shocked and scared me. This episode's new evil character, Caleb, is a cleverly-written, powerful, evilly-wisecracking, misogynistic, control-obsessed, serial-killing, former cleric with a southern drawl. In many ways, he represents the epitome of evil for Buffy's empowered female fans. I almost dread to think what the writers have in store for the characters in the final episodes of this show.

I'm going to watch that episode again tonight...again with the lights out.

I wore to work an interesting outfit. It included khakis, black dress shoes, a green Brooks Brothers shirt, a thin black sweatshirt, and my leather jacket. When, courtesy of Amazon, my copy of "Letters to a Young Poet" by Rilke arrived, I popped it in my leather jacket pocket. All I needed was a copy of Sartre's "Nausea" for the other pocket and some hideous tall latte concoction from Starbucks in my hand and I would have perfected the look of a yuppie existential-beatnik-wannabe.

Of course, I am still a yuppie.

I discovered to my horror that Mickey Mouse has dug his claws in me. Last month, I went to the GEMI conference on "Sustainability Through Strategic Partnerships" at the Disney Contemporary Resort in Orlando, Florida. I may have made a mistake by giving my home address at the Disney hotel. Barely over a month later, Disney has already mailed to my home two glossy catalogues. I just can't look at it but it appears to be full of Pooh clothes.

Who will rid me of this turbulent mouse?

I learned that the triathlon is easy. You just run two miles, swim a couple of laps, and bike for 45 minutes. Hell, I could do that with just a little practice. Moreover, if I did do that, it would help me lose weight.

Perhaps I should give it a try?


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