Thursday, March 27, 2003

I am impressed with people who post anything in their blogs. I've read vivid accounts of polymorphous sexual escapades, wicked critiques of bosses and co-workers, and plenty of bizarre opinions on the state of the world.

Many of these bloggers hide their names. However, some reveal their identity. I'd describe the latter group as brave, principled, unemployable and alone.

In the pages of this blog, I choose to share none of those four qualities. Just in case you didn't catch the title, I am open about my identity.

So I'm going to be restrained, oblique, and self-censoring. There will be shout-outs to those in the know. Where I don't need to be reserved in public - such as in political commentary - I'll likely let rip a bit. But you won't read anything here that I would not want to see published in the pages of the Boston Globe. Besides, I've been quoted quite enough there already.


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